Saturday, September 30, 2006

We're Moving! Again!!!

AAAHHHH! I'm totally overwhelmed right now! We are moving in a couple of weeks to New Mexico. With dh's new job, we decided that we wanted to make the big move. They (thankfully) ok'd it and we'll be off shortly. We really wanted to get moved before all the holidays coming up. I can't believe we're doing another cross-country move. Well, it's not *all* the way across the country, but you know what I mean. I hate packing! I've been trying to avoid it, but I've got to get moving (no pun intended.) Instead, I'm spending way too much time on craigslist and rentclicks looking for a house. Oh, a house...with a yard...I'm so excited. We're actually going to be able to afford to live!

I'm not reading any new books right now. We're taking a break from homeschooling. We're saying goodbye to all our new friends in Southern California. And we're packing, packing, packing!

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