Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

I hate New Year's Resolutions. I guess I figure if I have to wait until this one particular day to resolve to change something in my life, it really must not be that important or the likelihood of me sticking to the change is pretty slim. I mean if I put it off this long, I know I really don't want to change that area of my life. But, I'm breaking my ban on resolutions this year. We need some serious structure to our lives. I feel like my kids our desperately needing some better routines and predictability in our days. So, my New Year's resolution is to be more organized, create a routine for our day (and stick to it) and be better prepared to handle each day. I know I'll have to build in lots of flexibility and free playtime but that's ok. We just need a better flow to the day. I need to spend some time every weekend going over what I want to accomplish the following week and prepare for it. It's been two months since we moved so it's time to get it together.

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HippieMommy said...

Sooo.... how is it going? Post an update!