Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday I tried a recipe from Martha Stewart's Everday Food Magazine. My mom treated me to a subscription to this magazine last year and I've found quite a few recipes I like. I found this recipe for Cranberry Bread in the most recent edition. The only change I made to the recipe was using half all purpose flour and half whole wheat pastry flour. (I was almost out of all purpose flour.) I think it is such a pretty bread with the bright cranberries! It looks so festive! I really liked it but the kids didn't at all. The cranberries were just too tart for them. Oh well, more for me! ;)


The Wades said...

Looks delish!

Thanks for the info on vacc. I appreciate it. :)

Dad said...

Now if we only had pictures of pumpkin chip cookies or some peanut blossoms.

Cindy said...

When are you making me this yummy looking cranberry bread???

Oh, and I tagged you- check my blog for details:)