Monday, November 10, 2008

Music Will Never Be the Same in Our House

Today we went on a super fun field trip to the Apple store. One of the moms in one of our homeschool groups organized a class for our kids. It was complete with Apple field trip t-shirts. The kids brought in a favorite song to mix in GarageBand. Since we have a Mac, navigating the program was really easy for B. But, somehow we hadn't played with it at home. A and C were not as impressed with the class as B and I were. A kept asking, "Where are the apples?" LOL

I think B has found his calling. ;) He was the only one brave enough to actually record his own voice singing with his song. The guys working there loved him. My cute little computer geek! :P

When we got home (after stopping at one of mommy's favorite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen, for lunch), the boys ran to the computer to "upgrade" more songs. B was playing a song that really didn't sound like one of our kid-approved songs. When I went to look, it was Kid Rock. He said he was looking through the list and it was the only one he could find that said "kid." I explained that it was not kid music. He couldn't understand why a guy would pick a name with "kid" in it if it wasn't for kids. Good question! Like I said, I may never hear my favorite songs again. At least without extra drums, sound effects and who knows what else.


play_at_home_mama said...

cari - no more posting about all your fun! It makes me want to home school!

Cari said...

Oh no! You've uncovered my evil plan. :P