Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Leo the Lion

This made me laugh really hard today. My daughter came in crying that she couldn't get Leo the Lion down from her closet. I assumed that one of her big brothers had thrown the stuffed animal on the shelf in her closet. Instead, one of them (the oldest) decided to get all "Jack Bauer" on the poor lion. LOL He handcuffed the lion's leg to the closet rod. Thankfully, they were play handcuffs and the situation was easily resolved. The lion is now safe. ;)


Christine said...

This made me laugh too! It reminded me of something my own two brothers would have done to me at that age. Though our handcuffs weren't "play" and we probably would have lost the key and poor Leo would have been stuck there! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Poor Leo and poor A! I'm glad Leo is safe and sound!

The Wades said...

How cute! That will be a good story to retell over the years. I can only imagine how her poor little heart broke seeing that lion trapped like that. The injustice of it all!!