Monday, February 16, 2009

Tree Planting in the Bosque

I just love our Roots and Shoots group! Again, the kids and I had an incredible opportunity to do something really good for our community.

Yesterday we participated in planting 100 trees in the Bosque in honor of the 100th year since Aldo Leopold came to New Mexico. Here's a short article in the newspaper about the event.

It was hard work. As I was thinking about it today, I thought that the most inspiring part of the day was that our kids would have been happy to be out there even if there hadn't been news crews and dignitaries.

That's why I love this group so much!

And here's my sweet girlie girl after sliding face first on her belly down this dirt hill just before we were getting ready to leave. While I usually don't mind dirt, that's a lot of dirt!

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The Wades said...

That group of yours really is great! I can vouch for that. Thanks for giving back to our community with those cutie pies of yours!