Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween is Almost Here!

Here's a preview of this year's costumes. B is Indiana Jones. C is a Texas Ranger. And A is a Flower Fairy. Just before I took the picture she handed me her wings and told me she didn't feel like flying anymore today. ;) We had a Halloween party with our homeschool group today at the park. The kids had fun wearing their costumes and filling up their trick-or-treat buckets. They can't wait for Friday!!!


Cindy said...

Fun stuff, and the kids looked great!

Dad said...

Can't wait for the candy to start pouring in....who can deny my henchmen(girl)? Muhahahaha!

The Wades said...

so cute--i especially love that little cowboy. (i have a soft spot for them!)

the wing story made me happy. love ya