Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Tonight we had friends over for pizza and trick-or-treating. I think there ended up being 7 families altogether. Everyone had so much fun! The only downer was that I tripped and fell right before the party while trying to hang up spider webs outside. I have quite the mangled foot. I took a picture but then thought it was too gross to post. LOL It's nothing serious, probably just really bruised, but I cried like a baby.

Here's A smiling with her jack-o-lantern. She wasn't feeling like pictures in the first one. I didn't get very many pictures of the boys. They were too busy playing with their friends and I was too busy yapping with my friends.

After we got back I told the kids they could eat some candy and I look over and little A has this huge candy bar in her mouth. It was pretty funny. We also had this strange cat follow us all through the neighborhood and come right into our house when we got back. I really don't get spooked by cats on Halloween - we have the perfect "boo kitty." But it was starting to get a little wierd how this cat was following this gang of 3 - 7 year olds around. I guess we'll have to see if it's still hanging around tomorrow. Aahh, now it's time for Mommy and Daddy to scope out the candy to see if there's anything good! j/k Thankfully our kids really do like to share with us.


Cindy said...

I'm glad you all had fun! Maybe you will have a new cat:)

I hope your ankle is feeling better in the am. That stinks! You should post the picture!

The Wades said...

your poor foot. i wanna see the picture!! glad you all had fun.