Monday, June 15, 2009

My Little Monkey Girl

I know I've posted pics before of the kids climbing the tree in our backyard. But they usually would only climb the first couple of branches and stop to hang out. Not today. My sweet little girl decided that today she would climb to the top. Can you find her?

This was particularly appealing to her because her two older brothers had never attempted the climb to the top before. She would be the first. She loves to "one-up" them when she gets the chance.

So, while she scared me a little (ok maybe more than a little), I completely admire her determination. I started to say fearlessness, but I don't think that she's fearless. I think that she just doesn't let fear get in her way when she's decided that something is worth pursuing. While I'm proud of her accomplishment, I think I'll encourage her to stay closer to the ground at least for another couple of weeks. That's when the new health insurance kicks in. ;)


Dad said...

She is her daddy's daughter!

Cindy said...

Wow, brave girl! I would have been nervous too, but proud of her!

Girl power!!!

The Wades said...

Go A! How did the boys take it? Did they quickly follow in her footsteps?

Such a cute picture of her smiling away.