Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proof that Fairies are REAL!

The kids had a mission last night - to prove whether or not fairies are real. They figured out a way to set up a trap of sorts. Of course they didn't ask us grown ups. What do we know about fairies? I had an old bookshelf on the back patio that was destined for the trash. They put a ring of sandy dirt around some flower petals on the two shelves left. Their hope was that the fairies would have to walk through the sand to get to the flowers and leave footprints in the sand.

Lots of excitement this morning when all over the sand were tiny little footprints. They couldn't believe that they had in one night proved that fairies were indeed real! They made me come out and take pictures and asked me to post it on my blog. They decided that fairies must wear shoes based on the footprints. Also, somehow they came to the conclusion that fairies only come out at night and in the summer. I think maybe the fairies were trying to get out of the rain that we had early this morning.


The Wades said...

And I always thought fairies flew, not walked. Then what's with their wings?

Unknown said...

seirieosly thats what wings are for

Limelimelaid said...

How do you know that was from fairies? That could just be from the rain! That's what rain looks like in sand. And by the way, fairies have feet so they can walk all they want- The Wades and Angela