Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We had a birthday to go to for a wonderful friend turning 9 years old. We weren't sure what kind of gift we could make and then remembered that he is crazy about LEGOs just like my boys. I had a LEGO ice cube tray I bought a few years ago for a LEGO themed birthday party. Since then I have been collecting silicone ice cube trays in fun shapes whenever I see them for my soap making. I hadn't tried making soaps in that mold yet, but thought they would come out super cute. This project was something that all the kids could help with too. We used a melt and pour soap base that I melted in the microwave. Then the kids added food coloring and a scent of their choice before we poured it in the mold. The result was a colorful assortment of yummy smelling mini soaps! I especially loved that the kids all got to be a part of the crafting this time.

I had to show off this awesome pop-up card my oldest made for the birthday boy. He used this tutorial. I thought he did great! 


Unknown said...

You & your babes are so creative!

Cindy said...

They look fantastic! So awesome! Logan would go nuts over that project. I'll have to keep an eye out for lego trays. We just bought heart and star trays at Ikea last night. I thought it would be fun to make kool aid or colored water ice to put in water.

deleted said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! Thank you so much for these lovely homemade gifts - the thoughtfulness & time spent radiates from them. They are in our online scrapbook . . . here's the link: http://app.picaboo.com/WebView/Project.aspx?clientID=2b75673a462b362f9c4ef65cf7f14caa&version=129034&siteID=FB-WallShare
Your children are so precious!!! We are so glad to share friendship with you (hugs!)