Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shadetree Academy

I guess I can now say that I'm officially a homeschooling mom. B keeps asking when he can say he's in Kindergarten. I finally told him that he is. I guess since I'm the teacher, principal, janitor etc., I can decide when he's in which grade. I think it's going to take me awhile to leave behind all the old "school" expectations. I mean there are so many things I just assumed about education because that was the way I was taught. I'm excited and a little bit scared! But, mostly excited to start this journey! We have a name for our home-based private school - Shadetree Academy. My husband came up with it. It's supposed to reflect our nature-inspired, relaxed-learning emphasis. I love it! I knew the minute he said it that it was a perfect fit for us. He said he just pictured us outside reading books under a shady tree. I know it won't be like that all the time or even most of the time, but I think it's a great thing for us to strive for.

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